WFM-C, Vancouver branch President Vivian Davidson speaks at the World Social Forum August, 2016 in Montreal on the topic of establishing a World Democratic Parliament outside of UN hospices and framework.

WFM-C, Board member Dr. John Trent speaks at the World Social Forum Montreal 2016 on the topic of UN Reform and change/evolution.

Dr. Walter Dorn, WFM-C President and Professor of Defence Studies at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) and the Canadian Forces College (CFC) speaks at the 2016 World Social Forum in Montreal on UN Peacekeeping, its history and Canadian past and present status.

Dr. H. Peter Langille, a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Global Studies at the University of Victoria, speaks at a workshop sponsored by the WFM-C on the topic of United Nations Peace Service at the Montreal 2016 World Social Forum. 

A Great music video by two artists who understand the need for World citizenship and the fact that "we are all one!"  enjoy :)